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Young Man With a Horn by Dorothy Baker

I love the movie from 1950 which stars Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall and Doris Day, all of whom are still alive today (as of December 2012). I wanted to try reading the novel for a few reasons. My love for the movie, the fact that it's one of the first jazz novels and the influence of women writers on Hollywood.

I want to read more early Twentieth Century fiction especially novels which were adapted into movies. I asked on Twitter which Raymond Chandler book I should read first and folks recommended Farewell, My Lovely.

I have been suffering from bad migraines for a couple of years now so I thought it would be good to learn more about them. Also, Eva from A Striped Armchair raves about Oliver Sacks so I thought I'd try out one of his books.


  1. Lauren Bacall! She's so gorgeous. I love her in that one movie with her and Marilyn Monroe and they try to marry these guys they think are millionaires but really the guys are not millionaires. I forget the name of it. My long rambling point being that I think Young Man With A Horn sounds totally legit.

    1. April - You mean How to Marry a Millionaire (1953). Great movie!


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