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About Me: My name is Raquel and ever since I was a little girl I've loved books. Although I wasn't a big reader as a child, books were still very much a part of my life. I had intended to become a zoologist, I went to an agricultural high school where I studied Environment & Marine Science and I even started off my undergraduate career in college as a Biology Major. However, I discovered in my late teens that I loved books so much that I wanted to become an English major full time. I worked at a Barnes & Noble as a bookseller, barista and magazine lead in the late '90s and early Naughts. I received my Bachelors of Arts degree in English (summa cum laude!) from Northeastern University. I interned at Northeastern University Press for a couple semesters and I decided then I wanted to pursue publishing. Right out of college I began working for a children's book publisher and have been there ever since. I also pursued my Masters of Arts degree in Writing, Literature and Publishing at Emerson College. I love the children's book industry but in my free time I enjoy reading other kinds of books. I hope this blog will be an outlet for me to talk about those books and to connect with other readers.

I usually read physical books but I also love listening to audiobooks in my car during my commute. I read manuscripts on a Kindle but I don't have my own eReader. I'm contemplating getting a Nook but I haven't decided if I want to do that yet.

Besides books I really love classic films, cooking and learning about food, going out to eat, traveling, animals, nature, exercise & athletics, arts & culture, music, languages, etc. I'm Dominican/Portuguese/Lebanese and first-generation American. I'm fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and I didn't learn English until I went to an ESL program in Kindergarten. I'd love to learn Swedish and French so I could speak 5 languages fluently. I've lived in New England all of my life but my family is spread across North America and Europe. My wonderful husband loves books almost as much as I do.

What kind of books I will be talking about:

Non-Fiction (Science, History, Math, Food, Linguistics, etc.)
Hispanic/Latino Interest
Books about or set in the Dominican Republic
Classic Film related books
Classic Children's Lit (no new children's lit and no YA)

Authors & Genres:

This is a tricky one as I like singular books rather than authors and genres. My favorite authors include Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, Henry James, and my good friend Mark Zero. As far as genres are concerned, I don't like Fantasy, Sci-Fi and most Mystery. I used to read Romance way back when but am no longer interested in it. I also do NOT read self-published authors as I believe whole heartedly in the traditional publishing process. I only make an exception if a good friend of mine is self-published.


You can contact me at Quellebooks at gmail dot com. Or you can follow and @ reply to me on Twitter @Quellebooks. I am also a huge fan of Goodreads and you can follow my reviews there as well.

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