Review, Linking & Advertising Policies

I am currently accepting non-fiction books from established publishers for review (no fiction, no authors and no self-publishing please). I accept books on the topics of history, society, culture, fashion history, health & exercise, science, nature, mathematics, languages, travel, sexuality and Spanish-interest. I reserve the right to deny any book pitched to me. If the books are classic film or cooking related, see below. Contact me at quellebooks at gmail dot com.

If your book is related to classic films in anyway, please check out my site Out of the Past ~ A Classic Film Blog. I do accept requests for classic film related books there and will cross-promote here.

If your books is related to cooking, please check out my site Thoughtful Eating ~ A Food Blog. I do accept cookbook and other food related books there and will cross-promote here.

I am currently affiliate partners with Powell's and Alibris and use Google for advertising.

I do not accept payment for reviews. My reviews are my opinion and not influenced by anyone.

If I received a book for review, then I will make note of it at the bottom of my post to comply with FTC regulations. However, if I did not indicate my source it is because I bought the book myself, was given the book as a gift or borrowed it from the library or a friend/relative.
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